Please use the search feature in the side bar to start a query.

You can search on words or the beginning of words that are present in title, author and released fields of a SID file. With the advanced search you can filter the search results on SID chip model, CPU clock, year of release and search for a specific field type.

It is also possible to search for file names and file paths within the HVSC collection.

Examples of searches:

hub 1985
returns all tunes that have a word that begins with "hub" that are released in 1985. In this case it returns all tunes from Rob Hubbard from the year 1985.
a th sh wa san
returns two versions of the tune "All That She Wants" from Edwin van Santen. The order of the words is not important, you can also search for "sh san a wa th" which results in the same.
huelsbeck dance
returns tunes that have the words "huelsbeck" and "dance" in it. You can also search for "hulsbeck dance" or "hülsbeck dance" which results in the same.
searches for a specific SID.
searches for all tunes that are named "Commando.sid".
returns all tunes that are located in the specified folder from Ward Selles.